What Makes Us Special?


Home of the “…Jersey Shore’s Best Lemonade…” -The Star-Ledger

What Makes Us Special?

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

  • Our lemonade is freshly squeezed and made to order
  • Pucker’s secret recipe using water, lemon and sugar
  • Voted BEST lemonade on the Jersey Shore by The Star-Ledger Newspaper


Beach Fries

  • Fresh, hand cut potatoes soaked in water to remove the starch and twice fried
  • Blanch fried at a low temperature to cook from the center out.
  • Then fried a 2nd time to golden perfection
  • Our fries are cooked in OU Kosher Vegetable Oil


What is a Beach Fry?

  • Fresh cut potatoes
  • Twice fried to perfection
  • Our goal is to maximize the flavor of the potatoes
  • These are not ordinary fries!
  • …and we’re at the beach!